ATEX Radio Systems

Industry-standard digital handheld ATEX radios

Fern Communications has the technical expertise and knowledge of both the oil & gas industry plus renewables industries that enable us to offer our customers a fast, reliable and responsive service.

We have built an extensive hire fleet of ATEX and conventional radios and can service and repair any radio that is currently in use. Fern Com can also supply for sale or hire the FRX-1 ATEX portable radio repeater which can greatly increase radio coverage in hazardous environments.

ATEX Hire Pack

  • ATEX Motorola DP4401 handheld radio
  • Spare battery
  • ATEX leather case
  • Motorola ATEX fist mic (optional)
  • ATEX Peltor ear defenders & Push to Talk (PTT) protection (optional)
  • 6-way charger or single chargers (optional)

FRX-1 ATEX Portable Repeater

ATEX Hire Pack

ATEX Motorola Handheld Radio


ATEX Radio Systems Datasheet


 FRX-1 ATEX Repeater  Datasheet

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