Fern Communications (Fern) was founded by directors Jennifer Cushion and Clive Cushion in June 2002, and this year is celebrating 20 years of business; in that time, they have become well known for their innovative, robust communications systems, utilised in offshore environments across the world.

Throughout their years of business, Fern has developed a range of reliable offshore communications equipment & software; in 2005, their ATEX radio equipment was introduced to the oil and gas industry in Great Yarmouth, marking the start of the company’s ATEX radio hire business. Continuing the ATEX equipment line in 2007, Fern designed and manufactured the portable ATEX radio repeater, the FRX-1, and the non-ATEX radio repeater, the FWR-1, both of which have been supplied to the UK fire service alongside global oil and gas customers.

Fern’s offshore communication offerings also include a FRN-1 portable mesh wifi node, of which 120 units were purchased for use on the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm in 2017.

The Wavecom digital radio system, Fern’s bespoke offshore communications package, has been installed on several offshore wind farms including East Anglia ONE and Moray East; Wavecom is a cost-effective digital radio system for all offshore communications applications globally. It has the flexibility to integrate with existing technologies and other marine and airband radio systems, offering a total, expandable solution.

Aberdeen-based global energy solution company OEG Offshore (OEG) acquired Fern Communications in 2021, which marked the next step in the company’s growth; a year on, Fern is pleased to report that they are opening a new purpose-built base in Aberdeen at OEG’s Cairnrobin facility, which is strategically located to service the energy industry in Scotland.

Fern Communications is currently developing their new automatous far offshore communications hub which will utilise a renewable energy source; the company intends to launch this product by the end of 2022 for use on far offshore projects.

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