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Digital Trunked Radio System

Reliable proven coverage – Cost effective – Interconnectivity – Expandable System

The go-to digital radio system for east coast renewables.

Wavecom is a cost effective digital trunked radio system, giving coverage to all existing wind farm sites and all future planned sites off the east Anglian coast. It’s been designed to give full radio coverage to offshore renewable sites off the East Anglian coast with the flexibility to interconnect with other radio systems, Marine and Airband, Wavecom can offer a total solution for offshore renewables, and can be expanded on and offshore giving coverage where ever needed.


Galloper Offshore Wind Farm is currently under construction 36-50km off the Suffolk coast. Scheduled to become operational in 2018, Galloper will become one of the largest offshore Wind Farms in British waters, with the capacity to generate power for up to 336,000 homes each year.

However, with an industrial construction project of this scale, reliable communications are essential not just to coordinate work, but to ensure the health and safety of employees. From construction to emergency response, all teams need to be armed with a way to communicate with one another at any given time.


Wavecom has the flexibility to interconnect with other radio systems, Marine & Airband.


Radio coverage to existing and future offshore renewable sites off the East Anglian coast.

Digital Base station

Wavecom base stations are located across the East coast and maintained by us here at Fern Communications.

The future of offshore digital communications

East Anglia’s offshore renewables are here to stay and is a fast growing industry. So we at Fern Communications have provided a solution, Wavecom that provides digital radio coverage off the East Coast.

If you are interested in Wavecom Digital Radio Services, please contact us on 01502 676 045 or email us at info@ferncom.com for further details

Reliable proven coverage, Cost effective, Interconnectivity