FRW-1 Repeater

Professional analogue Radio Repeater

The new lightweight FRW-1 Radio Repeater dramatically increases radio coverage both on and offshore by eliminating radio “black spots” that wreak havoc with radio signals, interrupting the flow of vital radio communications.

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Technical Specifications

Freq. range 440 – 480MHz, 440 – 440MHz, 146 – 174MHz

Protection rating IP66

Channel Capacity 5

Channel Spacing 12.5KHz/20KHz/25KHz

Operating Voltage 12v DC

Temperature Range -20C to + 60C

Battery Li-ion 6600 mAh 14.8V

Standby 98mA

Transmit/Receive 610mA

Duty cycle (40/60) 20Hours(1W)

Dimensions 270 x 310 x 185 (mm)

Weight 7kg

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